What is Squowk
Squowk is an online logbook for pilot. It was created to make the pilot's lifes easier everyday. Our mission is to help pilots spend less time with their logbooks, counting hours or making errors. The goal of Squowk is also to keep track of your hours and your currencies.

The more Squowk will develop, the more your logbook will. We have developped options to help your life as as a pilot. Thus, Squowk will warn you when your IFR, medical or other licences/qualifications are due.

You can also export your logbook to an approved PDF file for you to get your logbook in a physical of legal way to help you keep track of your flight times.
Who created it
Squowk was created by a pilot who wanted to get rid of old, physical logbook. He never found a good web/app solution for that so he decided to make his own and share it with anyone.
All images and logo are the courtesy of FlatIcon.