Available anywhere
Keep your logbook with you at all time, Design to be use on all mobile, As well as on tablets, Your datas with you, always, 
And many more!
Keep your logbook with you at all time
Wether you access Squowk on a phone, laptop or a tablet, it's always simple to keep your logbook up to date.
Design to be use on all mobile
Squowk is designed to be use on any mobile wether it's an Android™ or an Iphone™. All informations available on a laptop are also available on mobile.
As well as on tablets
Just like on smartphones, Squowk is also designed to be used on a tablet, and just like smartphones, it's not just a quick access application, it's the full website available at any time, anywhere.
Your datas with you, always
Your datas are your datas. Squowk do not and will never use your datas for anything else than for you. You can access all your logbook on smartphones, tablets or laptop.

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