Detailed view for entries
Detailed view for entries
Available anywhere
Know more of your trips
Always stay up-to-date
Classic or list-view
An optional list view or classic view is also available.
To make the most of your logbook, you can choose your view in order to never miss a critical information.
All your times at a glance
Logbook entries are as beautilful as the logbook itself.
A big map will display your routing.
All your data are avaiable at a glance. Times, Aircrafts, Crew and so much more
Export your logbook
If you want to keep a physicial or almost printable version of your logbook with you you sure can do it.
Select among all our styles of logbook the one you need and just print it!
All your times and totals will be calculated and ready to print.
Do more with your logbook
Your logbook will display how far you have been while flying, the differents countries you have visited and so much more!

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