Can I add a simulator?
Yes you can create a simulator aircraft via the aircraft page.

  1. Enter the simulator ident in Registration.
  2. Activate Simulator / FTD (FSS not included).
  3. Enter the aircraft model the simulator should represents.
  4. Hit send

Amplified explanation

On the "create aircraft" page you will see some boxes.
The first one on the top left corner is the registration of the plane. For example if your simulator is certified it should have a specific number/registration related to the certification.
On the right side you will see a small button labeled "Simulator / FTD (FSS not included)". If you click on this one, the aircraft being created will be registered as a simulator.

All your future entries made with this "aircraft" will be entered and compute as a simulator entry, thus your flight times will not be affected.

Do not forget to include an aircraft model. All sim should represent an aircraft model even taught those entries will not affect total times.

You can obviously change this simulator setting anytime you want via the edit page.
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