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To search for items such as Logbook, aircrafts, aircrafts model and airports in Squowk you can use the search bar in the top section of the site.


You can use some keywords to search for items in Squowk, here are some:

- Date
- Aircraft ident / Type
- Departure / Arrival (ICAO, ident etc)
- Crew
- Remark
- Aircraft category or/and class
- Type of piloting time (Night, PIC, student etc..)
- Time of flight
- Flight region (Country)

Use of the keywords

You can write keywords in pairs to specify your search.

Items shown in search

Once you've search something, it will be automatically searched in all sections. You can then navigate between section to refine your search.

If you want to search into other sections, you can navigate the sections just below the search bar.
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